Whipped Dalgona

Whipped Dalgona

BreakfastCoffeeLow Carb
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Total Time
5 minutes
Whipped Dairy-Free Low-Carb Coffee (Dalgona) - Recipe (Video).pdf170.5KB


-1½ tbsp espresso instant coffee powder
-1½ tbsp erythritol
-2 tbsp hot, or boiled water
-1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
-1½ cups unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk
-½ cup ice cubes


-For the whipped topping, use either a whisk, handheld frother, or immersion blender with a whisk attachment (the whipping time will be slightly longer using the first two methods).
-Stir together the espresso powder, erythritol, and hot water in a pint-sized glass jar, or a narrow glass.
-Insert the immersion blender into the glass, and over high speed, whisk for about 3 minutes. As the dark, coffee mixture is whipped, it will double in volume and become a light brown, whipped cream.
-Fill a large glass with ice, about ⅔ full. Pour in the almond milk, vanilla extract, and mix together.
-Spoon the whipped coffee on top, and stir together just before serving.